My Work

There are many things that propel me forward in the creative realm. A ceaseless desire to learn more being for most. I have a very interdisciplinary approach to my work. This drives me in finding and exploring the potential and limits of materials. Ceramics, metal smithing, painting, drawing, tattooing are just a few subjects that occupy my practice. Creating singular objects that are responses to all the beautiful nature that surrounds us seems to be the main thing keeps me working. 

About Me

I grew up on the road mostly shifting between East and West Coast of Canada. This is a big part of my origin story. My Father a sculptor and Mother a painter introduced art as an integral part of life.  I had the privilege of starting officially at the age of 16 with an apprenticeship under sculptor Kathy Venter which continued into my collage years. Graduating with a BFA in sculpture from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2003.  Some fun endeavours worth mentioning in the following years are a residency at Medalta in Medicine Hat, being part of starting studio cooperative in beautiful Kimberley BC. Raising my two small children which changed my practice more then anything to date. Opening Little big Studio and gallery in 2020 where I continue to make and sell my wears and host a wonderful group of Artists and makers from our aria. Most recently I've had the wonderful opportunity to enter into another apprenticeship as a tattooist with coal feather tattoo. This has continues to evolve and expand my creative practice in fun new ways.